Tenant-Template-Variable UI does not show Variables from Library Variable Set

I might have found a bug in Octo, related to variable scoping. The UI misbehaves, but ultimately the deploy succeeds, doing the intended… needful :slight_smile:

Here’s the setup. Create a library variable set with some variables in it. The variables have no scope. In my case, these are all of the connection strings for the system and all the tenants, they are all named uniquely. The idea is to create a single place to get all of the connection strings for the system. Cut down on maintenance.

Add that library variable set to the Octo project.

Next, in the project, create a tenant-template variable (common or project).

Next, associate the project to a tenant and start to configure it.

For the tenant template variable, if you click the #{} button, you do not see the variables from the library variable set. However, if you type one in by hand it will work at deploy time (it will also work with variable preview I’m pretty sure.) Happy to give more detail if needed. Should be pretty easy to repro tho.

Im on version 2018.10.5 LTS

You’re quite right. It would be useful if the project variables were displayed there.

I’ve raised an issue for this. We’ll get it resolved as quickly as we can.

Thank you for the report.

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