Tenant filtering across tenant tag sets nets the intersection of the two

Hi all,

As background, we have two tenant tags in each of two tenant tag sets, with each tag applied to a single tenant. When we add tenant tags to a step filter within a single tag set, we get the expected union of the matching tenants, as seen in “Tenant Filter - 1 tag set.png”. You can see that two tenants match. However, when I add two more tags in a separate tag set, the set of matching tenants seem to be intersected, as seen in “Tenant Filter - 2 tag set.png”. You can see that no tenants were matched.

I am wondering if this is the expected behavior. As it stands, I have to create a duplicate step with the second tenant tag set applied in order for all the tenants to have this step executed.


Hi Vern,

Yes, this is the expected behaviour.

Our documentation provides some guidance on making tag-sets orthogonal (if possible). We understand this can be tricky.

I would suggest attempting to re-design your tag sets so that you don’t need to duplicate the step. That would be a shame, and will also possibly cause you difficulties when trying to use the tag-sets in other places.

I hope that helps,

Thank you for the information, and my apologies for not looking this up in the documentation.

No need to apologize, we’re always here to help :slight_smile:

Happy Deployments!