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I’m currently using Teamcity v9 and I’m trying to build a Test IIS Application (.Net 4.6 / Class Library).

I’ve followed the documentation here

  1. Installed the Teamcity Plugin (and can see it within the Runner Types)
  2. I included into my build Step (Run OctoPack)
  3. I also included Octopus Publishing and Publish API Key

At this stage I expect the Teamcity Nuget feed to show the package and a .nuget file to appear in the Working directory of the build. Currently it only shows the normal files you’d expect from a ReBuild.

I’m sure I’m missing an obvious step here, could you shed any light to what I’m missing?

Thank you
Dean Meehan

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I also needed to add the NuGet Package for OctoPack to the project.

I would have assumed that the Teamcity Plugin would maybe of had the approperate files, but adding the package to my nuget restore step is grand.

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Hi Dean, glad to hear that you sorted it out.

Matt C

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