TeamCity Plugin & Runbooks?


Is there a way using the Plugin to trigger Octopus Runbooks? We have a need to sometimes perform steps on the target in our CI, depending on which TeamCity Build is triggering it.
A runbook seems to fit the use case better than complicating our App Deployment further than it needs to and can have one build just trigger the deploy when it needs to and have the other one trigger the runbook, then the actual deployment.

From what I’ve read, the Plugin is just a wrapper for the CLI - however I cannot find the CLI anywhere on the build agent, so I’m assuming it’s all bundled up as the plugin.

I can just install the CLI and write a script to call the runbook in the interim, just wanted to touch base and see if there was a native way (in the context of the plugin) that I was missing.


Edit - For completeness we’re running:
Octopus: 2021.1.7316
TeamCity: 2021.1.1
Plugin: 6.1.1

Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch!

At the moment the plugin isn’t aware of Runbooks. This is something that we have mentioned to our integrations team to see if adding a step type for this is feasible, but currently don’t have anything concrete on this.

Manually adding the CLI onto the build agent and invoking it from a script is the best option right now.


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Just to add to this, I have had confirmation from our integrations team that adding a Runbook step type to the build server plugins is high on their list of features to add.

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Excellent stuff, hopefully that rolls around before other teams start griping about things and we can do everything natively.

Thanks for the confirmation!


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