Teamcity Plugin Linux/NodeJS/Gulp Support planned?

We’ve been using the awesome Octopus plugin for TeamCity for all of our .Net and Windows projects. We’d like to keep using Octopus for our new NodeJS/Linux projects, but it appears that the Octopus TC plugin is exclusive to windows, and therefore unavailable as a runner when running on a Linux TC Agent.

We have been running through the Gulp process instead for the NodeJS stuff- which is making us wish we could still use the plugin. Is there any plan to update the plugin / provide a Linux version of the plugin that would make it work with Node deploys? If so, when might that be out? Do you know of any community made plugins that could be used until Octopus releases their own native plugin?


Hi Matt,
Unfortunately at the moment as you have noticed the Octopus Deploy Team City plugin is an executable that requires windows to run. We do have on our roadmap the intention to port some of our tools like Octo.exe (which this plugin delegates its execution to) to run on .net core. When this is done then it will be a definite possibility that the plugin will be fully capable of running on a Linux system. Any current attempt to do so would rely on users installing mono on the build runner and adding some platform detection which as you can imagine would all bring its own set of complications. There are currently no specific timelines laid out for this conversion and but with .net core starting to settle down it should be taking priority sooner rather than later.

Alternatively if you are using node, you might be more interested to take a look at our octopackjs node library. This doesn’t yet do everything that octo.exe (and by extension, the plugin) does but it might go some way to allowing you to perform the tasks you need in a non windows environment. octopackjs is in turn used by grunt-octo and gulp-octo and all of these libraries are open source so feel free to fork or provide pull requests where you think a feature is lacking.

I hope this answers your questions and provides some guidance to continue with your deployments, whether on windows or linux. Let me know if you have any other questions.