Teamcity Plugin compatibility

Hi, we’re running an on prem OD Server v2018.9.15 and Teamcity v2022.0.4.2. In Teamcity, we’re currently running the OD Plugin v3.3.1.

We’re planning to upgrade the OD Server to v2022.x, what would be the preferred way of handling the plugin in TC? First upgrade that to the latest version, and then upgrade the OD server? Or the other way around?


Jonas Hilmersson

Hey Jonas,

Thanks for reaching out.

We can take a look at the compatibility chart here: Compatibility - Octopus Deploy

Looking at the chart, it looks like 2018.9.15 is compatible with all teamcity plugins up to latest, but 2022.x requires 5.0 or later. For your scenario, I would recommend upgrading TeamCity first, then Octopus, so that youre on a version of TeamCity that both Octopus Servers are happy with.

That being said another thing to consider here is the octo CLI compatibility and tentacle version. If going to 2022.2 or above, you’ll likely want to upgrade your tentacles to the bundled version that comes in your new version of Octopus by going to the Deployment Targets in the portal and hitting upgrade. Keep in mind that this is a blocking action so if you have a very large amount of tentacles I’d either do this in batches or during non-deployment hours. If you have a very large number and do them all at once, your deployments could be blocked for a long time.

Octo is another concern as if you are using octo in automation and have a non-compatible version it will break. Sometimes these can be hard to hunt down, but if you see octo commands failing after you upgrade, your first step would be to upgrade to a compatible version of octo.

Please let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions.


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