TeamCity 'OctopusDeploy: Build information' support for GitFlow and other nested branch history

Wondering if we are doing something wrong here, but is it so that the step picks only direct commits in the branch for Octopus build information.

When creating Hotfix from Master, pushing couple commits and merging back to Master, this works ok.

But when we are creating Release branch from Develop and then merging it to Master, we don’t get any information from previous branches and end up with a very short build information containing only the merge commit. In example:
5b9c3ab - Merge branch ‘release/1.15.0’

Looks to me there’s not much to do in the build step configurations for this, so my guess is we have to implement pushing build information to Octopus ourselves. Is anything like this planned?

Hi Alex,

You’re not doing anything wrong. There is a limited amount of information that we can pull from the Version Control System of TeamCity. This means that whatever is listed in TeamCity for that specific branch release, is all we can access.

Pushing build information may be the only choice to get this operating exactly how you want. There’s no work planned around this limitation at the moment.

Sorry for the less than ideal news.



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