Teamcity nuget mutiple code branches (default and develop)


So at the moment teamcity is watching and building a develop branch and using the AssemblyInfoPatcher plugin and Project.Website.2.x.x.x.nupkg turns up in artifacts and octopus is deploying this to a staging environment. awesome stuff.

Just trying to get my head around how to set up octopus to handle the default branch getting deployed to production as well now.

I have set up teamcity to produce the Project.Website.1.x.x.x.nupkg from the default branch but how does octopus know which package is a staging build from the develop branch and which is production from the default branch seeing apart from version number they have the same name?

At the moment i have a staging environment, staging roles and a staging project group. do i just need to create a new group environment and roles for production and if so how does octopus know how to do its bit?