TeamCity .NET CLI restore not creating .nupkg

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TeamCity Professional 2019.1.2 (build 66342)

ASP.NET Core Angular app

.NET CLI (dotnet) restore
.NET CLI (dotnet) build
.NET CLI (dotnet) publish
OctopusDeploy: Create Release

First three steps run green but final step is red with error :

[11:33:08] [Octopus Deploy] Could not find any packages with ID ‘MyApp’ in the feed ‘Octopus Server (built-in)’

I go to Build Agent machine and look here :


and the expected build output files are present ( *.js *.css and dependencies *.dll )

But I do not see any packages for my app ( MyApp. )

So apparently the step .NET CLI (dotnet) publish is not creating nupkg for some reason ?

Or what could misconfigured ?

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Hi @jgrandydev,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately that .NET CLI (dotnet) publish was not made by us, so I’m not sure exactly how it works.

We do have a set of steps that create packages and pushes them to your repository called Octopus Deploy: Pack & Octopus Deploy: Push package that come bundled along with that OctopusDeploy: Create Release step you are using.

If the .NET Core steps are not working for you, perhaps you could try our steps instead?

Best regards,

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