TeamCity MSBuild step with Run OctoPack - How to pass NuGet command line arguments?

Hi Guys,

I have the usual MSBuild step in TeamCity with “Run OctoPack” enabled and the build path is a solution file.
This is all good and it notmally works, however on this ocasion one of the project that are part of this solution has a nuspec file with a $configuration$ property that is normaly passed when using NuGet like this:
NuGet -Properties -Properties Configuration=Release

In the Octopus Packaging section of the TeamCity MSBuild step there are only two filelds:
OctoPack package version
Append to package ID
and I wonder if it’s even possible to pass an argiment to NuGet as I need to pass in the Build Configuration?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Emil,

Thanks for reaching out! Check the parameter OctoPackNuGetProperties in our Octopack Documentation

Hope that helps,


That is perfect, exactly what I need - sorry for missing to spot it in the docs :slight_smile:

Octopus ROCKS :slight_smile:

Apreciate your prompt response!