TeamCity Build Octopus Deploy

I am currently looking for information on passing variables from TeamCity to Octopus Deploy Steps (or project variables). In the TeamCity build I need to capture and forward (4) pieces of information to pass into respective variables in Octopus to run the deploy process correctly. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting in touch! The only variables that you can pass from TeamCity to Octopus are prompted variables. If you set the specific variables as prompted in Octopus then you can pass the variables via the create-release or deploy-release command like so:
-v variablename:value you can pass as many of these as there are prompted values. In TeamCity you should be able to place those in the additional arguments field and substitute with your TeamCity variables.
We have documentation on octo.exe which runs under the TeamCity plugin:

Hope that helps!