TeamBuild custom version numbering

I am using TeamBuild with Octo pack to generate the packages for Octopus.

In the Team Build build definition I have a specific version numbering template and an activity as part of the build workflow to apply the custom build number to the dll and assembly version.

Currently I am calling Octo pack via the build parameters so it is automatically generating.

I am aware that Octo pack will either use the version number I pass (which I don’t want static in the build definition) or the one from the assembly info (but with ours it seems it is too late as the version number is always the same).

Please can you let me know if you have any suggestions on how I could pass the custom build number as part of Team Build.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for reaching out. I would suggest you to pass the variable that holds your Custom Build Number to Octopack on the msbuilds parameters. It should look something like this


Hope that helps!