Task/Script from Management Console - Offline Machines


We sometimes need to run IIS recycles across all our servers and I love the fact we can do this via the management console. One problem we have is when the task hits an offline server, the task fails and then the task then doesn’t complete onto all machines.

Is there anyway to avoid offline machines when running adhoc tasks?


Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch. We designed the Script console to be purely adhoc, without any of the logic that our regular steps/projects have. If you would like this kind of functionality in your script, the only current options is to run it as a project.

Let me know if you have any further questions here.

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Hey Daniel,

That makes sense… Is there anyway to force run on all machines option even if one machine fails?

Issue is if one machine fails, it won’t run it across all of them as the script stops midway as failed… In a case like an IIS reset, I don’t care if one or two fail… I just want it to run on all either way.

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately not via the script console. If you run this as a project you have the ability to skip targets that are unavailable during the deployment.

This looks like the only way you can currently do this.

The other option is to check out the following UserVoice suggestion, which you can comment on and vote for.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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