Taking long to load OCTOPUS Web Portal

I’ve just installed my Octopus Server but appearenly the web portal where I assume I’m supposed to do everything doesn’t work. it just shows “Loading, Please Wait” and that message stays forever. Any solutions ?


Thanks for reaching out. I’m very sorry to hear your first experience with that instance is not going well :frowning:

A couple of troubleshooting questions:

  1. Are you getting this timeout when trying to browse the webportal from a machine outside of the one that’s running Octopus? If that’s the case, can you try logging into the VM running Octopus and browsing the portal using localhost?

  2. [From the machine that’s not working] After 1-2 min of the portal not loading, can you open up your browser’s development tools and send me a screenshot of your network tab? I’m mostly interested on the network call that’s taking the longest.

  3. Are you and the VM running Octopus located in different regions?

  4. How are you authenticating in Octopus? regular username/password, Google Auth, Microsoft Account?

  5. Which version of Octopus are you running?

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