'System.IntPtr' does not contain a definition for 'Add'

Hi, I have an issue with older tentacles deployments (version 3.2.*). Since the upgrade of the server (3.3.22), no package deployment is working anymore on the Tentacles.

See attached step log. On new machines, the same package works perfectly. Other deployments (no package involved) are still working fine. Calamari is updated on all tentacles.

There is no arithmetic or anything that should be touching an IntPtr in the custom scripts of this step



Thanks for getting in touch! I have tried to recreate the problem but I haven’t succeeded and the msi installed successfully. From the logs you have provided it looks like the problem is specific to the 7-Zip msi. Can you do two things for me?

  • Can you send me the package your are trying to deploy? Feel free to mark the conversation as private if the package contains any sensitive information.
  • Can you remove the line responsible for deploying 7-Zip and run a new deployment and see what happens?



Hi, thanks to some further investigation it boiled down to a power-shell script module which was added to octopus but required powershell 3.0 while the target machine here still was on powershell 2.0 only.