System integrity schema error


After upgrade 2019.11.1 to Octopus.2021.3.8275-x64 got below system integrity error.

Task ID: ServerTasks-160286
Related IDs:
Task status: Failed
Task queued: Perşembe, 03 Şubat 2022 1:17:01 ÖÖ +03:00
Task started: Perşembe, 03 Şubat 2022 1:17:01 ÖÖ +03:00
Task completed: Perşembe, 03 Şubat 2022 1:17:02 ÖÖ +03:00
Task duration: less than a second
Server version: 2021.3.8275

                | Failed: Check System Integrity

01:17:02 Info | Unexpected related document id format… [ Passed ]
01:17:02 Error | Schema… [ Failed ]
01:17:02 Info | Release channel belongs to the appropriate project… [ Passed ]
01:17:02 Info | Orphaned tenanted deployments… [ Passed ]
01:17:02 Info | Orphaned channels… [ Passed ]
01:17:02 Info | Orphaned releases… [ Passed ]
01:17:02 Info | Only one unfrozen deployment process per project… [ Passed ]
01:17:02 Fatal | One or more data errors were found.
| Failed: Schema
01:17:02 Error | Unexpected item: IDX dbo.PK_Convert CLUSTERED 0
| Unexpected item: IDX dbo.PK_Convert TName
| Unexpected item: USER_TABLE dbo.Convert.RCNT bigint(8/19/0) 1
| Unexpected item: USER_TABLE dbo.Convert.RCNT2 bigint(8/19/0) 1
| Unexpected item: USER_TABLE dbo.Convert.TName nvarchar(100/0/0) 0

Added also log file. (229.8 KB)

Is there any way i can fix this error?

thanks in advance

Hi @vciftci,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The error is essentially stating that it has found tables and indexes that it doesn’t recognise. Those do not look like anything that Octopus would create, therefore, all you’d need to do to resolve this is delete the tables and indexes listed there.
Before deleting them it may be worth checking with your DBA’s or whoever else has database access to see if they know why they were created initially.


Thanks quick response Paul
I’ll share your suggestions
Thank you

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