System Integrity check failed

We are getting the following error in the Tasks log. Should we be worried?

Task ID:        ServerTasks-26772
Task status:    Failed
Task queued:    Tuesday, November 29, 2016 6:41 PM
Task started:   Tuesday, November 29, 2016 6:41 PM
Task duration:  less than a second
Server version: 3.5.1+Branch.master.Sha.4feefbec21f18bc1b1908b5721dd03570fec86a6

                    | Failed: Check System Integrity
18:41:44   Error    |   Schema...................................................... [ Failed ]
18:41:44   Info     |   Release channel belongs to the appropriate project.......... [ Passed ]
18:41:44   Info     |   Orphaned channels........................................... [ Passed ]
18:41:44   Info     |   Only one unfrozen deployment process per project............ [ Passed ]
18:41:44   Fatal    |   One or more data errors where found.
                    |   Running: Schema
18:41:44   Error    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Deployment_EnvironmentId_ProjectId Created
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Deployment_EnvironmentId_ProjectId EnvironmentId
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Deployment_EnvironmentId_ProjectId Id
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Deployment_EnvironmentId_ProjectId JSON
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Deployment_EnvironmentId_ProjectId Name
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Deployment_EnvironmentId_ProjectId NONCLUSTERED 0
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Deployment_EnvironmentId_ProjectId ProjectGroupId
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Deployment_EnvironmentId_ProjectId ProjectId
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Deployment_EnvironmentId_ProjectId ReleaseId
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Deployment_EnvironmentId_ProjectId TaskId
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_DeploymentProcess_OwnerId_IsFrozen IsFrozen
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_DeploymentProcess_OwnerId_IsFrozen NONCLUSTERED 0
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_DeploymentProcess_OwnerId_IsFrozen OwnerId
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Release_ProjectId_Assembled_inc_all Assembled
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Release_ProjectId_Assembled_inc_all Id
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Release_ProjectId_Assembled_inc_all JSON
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Release_ProjectId_Assembled_inc_all NONCLUSTERED 0
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Release_ProjectId_Assembled_inc_all ProjectDeploymentProcessSnapshotId
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Release_ProjectId_Assembled_inc_all ProjectId
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Release_ProjectId_Assembled_inc_all ProjectVariableSetSnapshotId
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_Release_ProjectId_Assembled_inc_all Version
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_Name_ConcurrencyTag_State_inc_Id ConcurrencyTag
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_Name_ConcurrencyTag_State_inc_Id Id
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_Name_ConcurrencyTag_State_inc_Id Name
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_Name_ConcurrencyTag_State_inc_Id NONCLUSTERED 0
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_Name_ConcurrencyTag_State_inc_Id State
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_State_Id_incl_QueueTime_StartTime_CompletedTime CompletedTime
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_State_Id_incl_QueueTime_StartTime_CompletedTime Id
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_State_Id_incl_QueueTime_StartTime_CompletedTime NONCLUSTERED 0
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_State_Id_incl_QueueTime_StartTime_CompletedTime QueueTime
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_State_Id_incl_QueueTime_StartTime_CompletedTime StartTime
                    |     Unexpected item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_State_Id_incl_QueueTime_StartTime_CompletedTime State
                    |     Missing item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_Id_State Id
                    |     Missing item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_Id_State NONCLUSTERED 0
                    |     Missing item: IDX dbo.IX_ServerTask_Id_State State

BTW, I also just noticed that it says “One or more data errors where found.” :slight_smile:

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for getting in touch!

It looks like you guys have added some additional indexes to your database, the integrity check compares your current schema to our known schema that will obviously not include any indexes that customers add themselves. But this is not something that’s cause for concern.

I’ve raised this issue to have the grammatical error corrected as well.

Thank you and best regards,

I guess our DBAs were getting over-zealous with optimizing databases. :slight_smile: We cleaned up the indexes, and all is fine now. Thanks!