System integrity check failed on Schema

We’ve been using Octopus for a couple of years without any issues, but lately we’ve been getting database upgrade errors when upgrading to new versions, and integrity check fails on Schema.

Server version: 2021.2.7808+Branch.release-2021.2.Sha.78285eca97fcde9b4b24baa9c5f102285df09a11

                | Failed: Check System Integrity

01:50:02 Info | Unexpected related document id format… [ Passed ]
01:50:02 Error | Schema… [ Failed ]
01:50:02 Info | Release channel belongs to the appropriate project… [ Passed ]
01:50:03 Info | Orphaned tenanted deployments… [ Passed ]
01:50:03 Info | Orphaned channels… [ Passed ]
01:50:03 Info | Orphaned releases… [ Passed ]
01:50:03 Info | Only one unfrozen deployment process per project… [ Passed ]
01:50:03 Fatal | One or more data errors were found.

How can I upload the Log file for you to provide you with more detail? We’re getting errors on various tables, views and indexes.

Thank you for all your help.

Hi Nadia,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The easiest option would be to email the log file through to us at


Thanks Paul, email sent to support

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