Support for Visual Studio Azure Resource Group projects

I’ve yet to find a better tool to create Azure Resource Group templates than the project of that type in Visual Studio - you get a full listing of available resource types, intellisense, the works. Would it be possible to extend Octopack support to this project type? This would let us package our required hosting environment and version it along with the application. Octopus can then deploy the ARGT as part of the deployment plan.

Hi James,

I agree, Visual Studio is certainly the nicest environment to edit ARM templates. I think OctoPack support for Resource Group projects seems like a worthy suggestion.

I would recommend creating a UserVoice issue for it. I will also raise it with the team, and see what support it gets.

If you’re really keen, OctoPack is open-source. Pull-requests are welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback,

Done. I’m not quite brave enough to do the development myself sadly…!