Support for Release Rollback?

I had a question about release rollback support. Currently in octopus deploy the only way to rollback to a previous version is to just re release the same packages again . This works decently for small microservices where everything is small and easy to tackle. However in this is not build in as a concept to octopus deploy. For example there is no “Rollback to this version” option. One thing we are currently try to solve is how to rollback our ~ 20 - 30 minute, 6gb, complex deployment process as fast as possible. We wanted to first reach out and see if anything was planned or thought of for this concept in the future of Octopus Deploy and if so what plans. In addition I wanted to see what other people might be doing to solve this problem for larger processes. If you could provide any information that would be so helpful.

Thanks so much!

Hi Brent,

Thanks for getting in touch! The short answer is no, we don’t plan to do anything about rollbacks. Paul wrote a blog post about it back in 2012 and our stance hasn’t changed within that time.

I’ve seen a couple of different proposed solutions customers have such as rollback steps (the db undo and previous package that all correspond to that release) within the project that are run on a variable being set to true. And also some customers having a related project to rollback for another project. It really will be what you decide is best for your situation and complexity.

Sorry it’s not better news,