Suggestion: Show Parent Project on Project Page

Would it make sense to display the parent project on the individual project page? Right now on the projects or dashboard pages I have “Project Name” and then each child project is “Project Name [Component]”. Things look a little redundant on those pages, but if I look at an individual project and don’t include “Project Name”, just [Component], then I wouldn’t know at a glance what [Component] project I’m looking at. Was thinking maybe the project page would have “Project Name > Child Project Name” or some way of indicating the parent. Screen shots attached.

So on “Projects Page.png” I’d like to rename “Allocations Database” to “Database” and then have the “Project Page.png” show Allocations [the parent], maybe a > or other symbol, and then “Database” [the child. “Allocations > Database”, “Allocations > Excel Plugin”, “Allocations > Treasury Service”, etc. Hopefully that makes sense?


Hi John,

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I greatly appreciate your time involved in putting together your thoughts on this, it really helps us out when working on UI improvements.

At this stage, it’s currently not possible to have Project names dynamically change/display in the appropriate areas as you’ve highlighted.

Your idea, however, sounds like a great way to make Octopus even better!

I’d recommend heading over to the User Voice area of our website which I’ve linked below;

Feel free to leave your thoughts here, we consider each User Voice based on community support.

If you require any assistance moving forward, please let me know :slight_smile:

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