Suddenly a deployment returns BadRequest

I Use octodeploy from within contiua ci.

I’ve created about 3 Projects all running fine . But in one project i now get suddenly an BadRequest error (see below).
The Package is created and uploaded . I can see the package in octodeployed but it is not published.

If i click manually the publish button it works.

Is there a way to see more detailed errors on the octo deploy site ?

08:51:54 OctoPack: Es wird versucht, das Paket aus “SR.BusPortal.Worker.nuspec” zu erstellen.
08:51:54 OctoPack: Das Paket “D:\Continua\Agent\Ws\36624\Source\WEB\src\SR.BusPortal.WebApi\SR.BusPortal.Worker\obj\octopacked\SR.BusPortal.Worker.” wurde erfolgreich erstellt.
08:51:54 OctoPack: Copy file: D:\Continua\Agent\Ws\36624\Source\WEB\src\SR.BusPortal.WebApi\SR.BusPortal.Worker\obj\octopacked\SR.BusPortal.Worker.
08:51:54 OctoPack: OctoPack successful
08:51:54 Publish to repository: http://myServer:8080/nuget/packages
08:51:54 SR.BusPortal.Worker wird mittels Push an ‘http://myserver:8080/nuget/packages’ bertragen…
08:51:54 Failed to process request. ‘Bad Request’.
08:51:54 Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurckgegeben: (400) Ungltige Anforderung…
08:51:54 D:\Continua\Agent\Ws\36624\Source\WEB\src\SR.BusPortal.WebApi\packages\OctoPack.3.0.45\tools\OctoPack.targets(105,5): error MSB3073: The command ““D:\Continua\Agent\Ws\36624\Source\WEB\src\SR.BusPortal.WebApi\packages\OctoPack.3.0.45\tools\NuGet.exe” push “D:\Continua\Agent\Ws\36624\Source\WEB\src\SR.BusPortal.WebApi\SR.BusPortal.Worker\obj\octopacked\SR.BusPortal.Worker.” API-KeyASDSADSADASDsdfwe -s http://myserver:8080/nuget/packages " exited with code 1.” status=error
08:51:54 Done Building Project “D:\Continua\Agent\Ws\36624\Source\WEB\src\SR.BusPortal.WebApi\SR.BusPortal.Worker\SR.BusPortal.Worker.csproj” (build target(s)) – FAILED.


Thanks for reaching out. That error usually shows up when you try to push a package that already exists (same ID and version). The doc below shows how to set the push URL so you can overwrite the existing package in these cases.