Substituting wrong files in Linux deployment

Hello, I am deploying a .net core application on RHEL 7.5

I have deployed the same build 3 times so my deployment directories look something like this:


The issue is that the variable substitution always happens only on the first directory - the 1.0.0-unstable.28 directory. In the output logs it continues to say that the package was installed to /my/path/1.0.0-unstable.28 even though it actually installed to /my/path/1.0.0-unstable.28_2

Hi @Chris_Stigas,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’ve done some testing on my end and so far I’ve been unable to replicate the issue you are describing, in that both /my/path/0.0.5 and /my/path/00.0.5_1 have variable transforms correctly applied. The caveat I have here is that I’m testing with Centos so it’s not exactly the same.

Are you able to let me know which version of Octopus you are using, and if possible attach the raw logs from the deployment? If you can also provide a screenshot showing the path you have defined to the file that would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve marked this conversation as private so that you can safely upload the requested information.

Thanks Chris, I look forward to hearing from you shortly,


Our admin updated Octopus last night and it works now. Not sure what version we were on, but we’re on the latest today.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the update, glad to hear that it’s all sorted.

Let me know if there is anything else you need!


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