Substitute Variables Step changing the File Encoding Format after variable transformation

HI Octopus Team,

We have a .php file where we are using “Variables- Substitute in Files” step template to transform variables.

Variables are transformed fine as part of deploy but the file Encoding format is changed as well from “Encode in UTF-8” format to “Encode in UTF-8-BOM” which we didnt expect to change it.

Can you all guide us on this. Thanks

We are on Octopus Version # V2018.7.0


Thank you for getting in touch. I’ve tried this scenario, but it did not add the BOM to the file. Could you make sure that the Output file encoding is blank. If it is set to a value, Octopus will add the BOM like you are reporting.

If that is not the cause. Could you share some more information about your step?


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