"Substitute variables in files" problem with names containing tab characters after upgrade to 3.0


After the upgrade to 3.0 (still on the “Substitute variables in files” step was not working for one variable.
After some searching it looked like the name of the variable was appended with tab character. (only visible when clicking on the variable name in the web interface)

This was not noticed before the upgrade (from 2.6) because the substition worked ok then.

After removal of the extra charater at the end of the variable name, the substution worked again.

Thanks, Edwin

Hi Edwin,

Thanks for reaching out. The extra tab should have been there in both 2.6 and 3.0. It’s very unlikely that the migration process could have added that tab to the variable when migrating it to 3.0. Thanks for the heads up though, we’ll keep an eye on this in case other users run into this issue.