Substitute variable in file encoding problem for "Detect from template"


After upgrading to 3.4.13 our config files no longer retain their encoding after transformation using “Detect from template”.

In the attached file Web.config has utf-8 encoding while License.config has ISO-8859-1, which they both need to keep. However, after substituting the variables both of the encoding for both files has changed. Additionally we cannot select “utf-8” or “ISO-8859-1” as the output file encoding because they both need to keep their original encodings.

Thanks for any replies :slight_smile:

This seem to be a recurring issue. A problem like this with variable substitution was also introduced in version 3.3.18 and fixed again in 3.3.19.

Some more automatic tests to verify that file encoding is preserved would be nice


Thanks for getting in touch.

I am having difficulty reproducing the issue you are seeing. If I substitute variables in files with different encodings their encodings are preserved.

Would it be possible to get a copy of your package or config files?

Also, do you know what version you upgraded to 3.4.13 from to help narrow down any changes that might be causing this?