Subscriptions/notifications for variable change

Are we able to setup alerts/notifications so that when certain project variables are changed, a team is notified? I know the audit log contains this information but I have not seen anything in subscriptions to configure this, unless I am missing something.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for reaching out! You can create a subscription for the document type Variable Set and scope it to a set of Projects. This will send you a notification whenever someone modifies a variable in those specific projects.

What you cannot do is scope this to just 1 specific variable in the whole project. It has to be scoped for the entire variable set.


Hi, thanks for the quick response.

I must be missing something obvious, when I select ‘Create Subscription’ I have the following fields:-

Event Groups

I don’t have a drop down for ‘Document Type’

Under Event Groups I have:-
Auto-deploy events
Auto-deploy critical-events
Deployment events
Deployment critical-events
Machine events
Machine critical-events
Machine becomes available for deployment
Machine is no longer available for deployment
Certificate expiry events

Under Events I have:-
Auto-deploy trigger blocked
Auto-deploy trigger succeeded
Certificate expired
Certificate expiry 10-day warning
Certificate expiry 20-day warning
Certificate private-key exported
Certificate replaced
Deployment failed
" queued
" resumed
Document Created
Document deleted
document modified
export complete
guided failure interruption raised
import complete
machine cleanup failed
machine created
machine deleted
machine deployment-related property modified ***
machine disabled
machine enabled
machine found healthy
machine found to be unavailable
machine found to be unhealthy
machine found to have warnings
machine health changed
manual intervention interruption raised
task cancelled.

this is for all three of our instances (2x 3.5.2, and one 3.13.7)


I double checked this with the Dev team and confirm this was added in a very recent build (3.13.18):

So Upgrading to the latest should make that field show up.

Let me know if that helps


Thanks, couldn’t see anything specific to my use case in those links, but will upgrade in test, and take a look.

Hi Ben,

You are right, the issue doesn’t reflect the fact that the field was also added for subscriptions (which would have helped me to give you a better answer in the first place :slight_smile: ). I’ve re-worded the github issue to reflect that change.