Subscription for guided failure

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I have a question in regards to subscription for guided failure mode. Based on Subscription webhook notifications - Octopus Deploy we can create the infra using Azure apps. Is there anything similar for AWS apps integration?
And continuing on this question, we tried to implement the Slack notification for guided failure, but it seems that it requires an additional third party like pipedream in order to forward the payload via the webhook. Is this always necessary?
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The Azure Function is mainly there to receive the entire JSON payload from Octopus and convert it to a format that a Slack webhook can receive. I imagine this could be done using AWS Lambda, however, this isn’t something that we have an example created for.
We do have a blog post and an example for Firebase Cloud Functions that covers the process in a bit more detail.

It shouldn’t be necessary to use a third party like pipedream.
Our example includes this initially to demonstrate the full JSON that is sent from Octopus.
Once the app in Azure (or AWS) has been created, the Payload URL within Octopus would be changed to target this app.


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Thank you Paul. Will give it a try.

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