Sub menus of menu "More" don't work

I use a vertical screen and when I go to a project, I have two menus, Deployments and More.
When I want to see the project variables, I do More > Variables, but it doesn’t do anything and I have an error in the browser console (all the others menu have the same issue except Tasks that have no sub menu).
The thing that is strange is that if I expand the browser window then reduce it again to the same original size, the menus are now individually displayed and work as intended.

Here the screen recording of the issue :

Good afternoon @kevin.petit,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support and thank you for pointing this out to us. This is indeed a bug as I can reproduce this in my Hyper-V Octopus Test Environment. I am running 2021.3.8275 so the latest public release build.

I can also confirm that if you resize the window it does show the variables section in the top menu and will allow you to click on it and reveal the dropdown menu.

I have created a GitHub Issue for this so if you would like to follow that you will see when the bug has been fixed by our engineers and in what release.

Thank you for pointing this out to us so we are able to ensure a better UI experience for the rest of our customers!

Anything else you need in the meantime please reach out!

Kind Regards,

Clare Martin

Afternoon @kevin.petit,

Just to make you aware there was a bug report already in place for this so the engineers have closed mine down, you can find the new one here.

On that note, our engineers have said that the menu items have been re-written since 2021.3.8275 and so this issue is likely fixed in later versions, at the moment 2021.3.8275 is still the latest public release so please keep an eye out on the Octopus Downloads page and as soon as a newer version comes out you can download and install the updated version (if you are able to).

Hopefully, the menus will then be fixed for you, if you need any further help or information please let me know and I will do my best to help.

Kind Regards,

Clare Martin

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