Store Docker image in Octopus internal Repository

I have a build server running Jenkins that builds a Docker image which I then save to a tar file with Docker save. I then push the tar file to my Octopus server and that works just fine.

*sh "docker save -o personws.1.0.$BUILD_NUMBER.tar personws:$BUILD_NUMBER && chmod 666 personws.1.0.$BUILD_NUMBER.tar"*

`*sh "${tool('Octo CLI')}/octo push --package personws.1.0.\$BUILD_NUMBER.tar --replace-existing --server --apiKey ${APIKey}"*`

When I create my deploy process and using the Docker Run template I can only choose from External Docker feeds. Isn’t this supported? If not is there a workaround available or do I need a Docker Registry software of some kind?

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Hi Bjorn,

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Unfortunately, there isn’t any workaround for this. The way the steps are designed requires the Docker image to be stored and retrieved from a registry as detailed here:


ok, thanks Paul!

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