Stop current step and force fail

It would be helpful to have a way to stop the current step during a Release and have the option to force it to fail, retry, or skip it. This would be especially helpful when a step gets hung-up for way too long. Would allow intervention without killing the whole deployment process in the middle, leaving steps undone, and forcing to create another release and spending way more unnecessary over something small that could be handled right then and there.

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While I can see that in some cases this would be a useful addition, I have to be honest and with our current development schedule I just don’t see us implementing this feature anytime soon. I would recommend raising this via uservoice so we can gauge how much interest there is in the Octopus community.

Sorry that I don’t have better news for you,


For anyone that stumbles across this post, I’m following up with this post as it may be a solution. Not sure if it works yet as of 9/17/2019

Here is another post of someone trying to handle the issue:

Here is an existing “User Voice” post where someone already put in the request and everyone can vote on it. This also contains a PowerShell script for an Ocopus dev to try to handle this as well

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