Steps targeting Cloud Regions aren't splitting into multiple child steps

Hi, I’m trying to understand how Cloud Regions work. I’ve got an existing project that I want to convert to use Cloud Regions.

I’ve configured the environment to have two targets - one for the UK and one for the US:

I believe they are configured properly:

I then went into my project, and changed some of the variables around so that they are scoped to each target. For example, there are two CountryCode variables - one for the US target and one for the UK target:

However, when the step executes, it is failing because it’s not substituting the CountryCode variable - it’s trying to execute it only once, and showing that the CountryCode variable isn’t being set:

I feel like I’ve missed an important step somewhere to make this actually work. Can anyone explain where I’ve gone wrong? Thanks in advance!

Well as expected, it was a simple solution. On the steps that needed to run on each target, I hadn’t set the “Runs on targets in roles” property to “azure-region”. Once I did this, Octopus split out the child steps correctly for each region.

However, I have another problem now… I’ll file it as a separate question.

Hopefully this has helped someone in a similar situation though!