Steps marked skip


We have a setup of 3 different environments. Deploy to first environment is triggered by Temcity.
Second and Third one we trigger manual from Octopus usually via a Promote.

When we are promoting a version from environment 2 to 3 we have steps that are only valid for env. 3.
Those steps are always marked as “skip” when we Promote.

For things that you actively set too skip at a promote to env 2 are OK to get with you to next environment but for steps that are skipped due to environment differences is not that good.

Is this a bug?


Hi Claes,

Thanks for getting in touch! I am sorry but I am having a bit of trouble following here so I am going to explain a little about environments, and skipping and promotion.
If it doesn’t answer your issue can you please provide a bit more detail of the issue you are having so we can look into it further. Some screenshots will really help too - such as your step settings where you define the environment, then your deployment screen for each environment.

You can set steps to run on specific environments so they will skip on environments that are not relevant, this is an automated process.
If you manually skip steps and then use the promote feature, we assume that you want to use the exact settings seen in the previous deployment so we will keep it that way, including any steps that were skipped.

Hope that helps!