Steps have disappeared from a release


Just tried to deploy a release, an started getting errors saying the installation directory path couldn’t be found. The reason was that the Nuget package deployment step had disappeared from the release, even though it still part of the process.

I thought that was a bit odd, so I recreated it, and ran another release, which completed successfully, but then realised that the success notification email step had now disappeared from the release, even though, again, it was still present in the process.

Any ideas?



Ok, so I think I know what’s happened.

The steps that are disappearing, did have specific environments set. I removed the values, thus making them applicable to all environments. However, in doing so, they were marked as not being applicable to ANY environment.

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for getting in touch! Based on the behavior there might be two factors at play here. One is indeed that if a step is scoped to an environment the step wont be available for a deployment.
The second I think might be release snapshots. For all releases we snapshot all processes, packages and variables. So if you had a step that was scoped to an environment, and then changed this but redid the same deployment it would not have changed. A new release has to be created whenever a release or variable is changed.

Did this issue in the end resolve for you or are you still having troubles?
If it is still an issue, screenshots of your process and steps and a deployment log would really help!