Step timeout

Hi. We have a problem whereby if a deploy is in progress (the PostDeploy.ps1 step) and we tear down that deployment box, the dpeloyment step (of PostDeploy.ps1) just hangs. It constantly sits there waiting for step updates (even though the tear down of the box also explicitly sends an API request to Octopus to remove the box from Octopus), which in turn stops any future deployments of that role/project (because they’re queued behind the never finishing step).

Is there a way to avoid this? Set a timeout? Or have any currently running jobs on machines no-longer within Octopus automatically stop?




Thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the delay. PostDeploy.ps1 is a script that runs on the tentacle, hence it is not recommended to tear down the tentacle if it still has steps running on it. I do agree though that this behavior can be awkward in some cases where the machine loses connection for accidental reasons in the middle of the deployment. This is something we are planning to improve on Octopus 3.0. As for custom timeouts, it is not possible at the moment to do so

Sorry its not better news :frowning: