Step Templates Call directly

I am wondering how one, would directly call a Step Template from within a Powershell step or from within the Nuget deployment step via the Pre-Script. (Enabled feature - Custom deployment scripts - Execute scripts during the deployment, without embedding them in your package)

I’m trying to call the ‘File System - Clean Configuration Transforms’ script via power shell.

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for getting in touch! The short answer is no, you can’t call a step from a step.
But do you know about our script modules? You can create functions for re-use in any step of a deployment.

Would this resolve the issue you are having?

Hi Vanessa,

This is cool. It just may solve my issue. We have many projects and I didn’t want to just copy paste that template code all over the place. At least I can create a re-usable function now for this and other stuff.

Thanks so much!

Bruce Hunter
Software Architect
DataLink, LLC.

This solved my issue 100%.

Might not be a bad idea to allow calling Templates directly like Script Modules in the future. Only makes sense.

Thank you, very much!