Step template - won't update

There seems to be a bug, step templates in use can’t be updated. I click the update button, everything looks good. Refresh page, and the button is back.

If I go to the step template page and click on usage it also says the projects are using an older version of the step template.

Ok, my bad. Update also required save, missed the save button

ps. user using UI wrong way? usability improvement possibilities :wink:

Two suggestions.

  1. keep all buttons disabled until they have some action, so save is disabled until form data is changed, then it is enabled.
  2. the update button is used a bit differently here than on for example: update tentacle page. There you only click it and it perform the action. Here it marks the step, and if you save, it performs the action. A bit confusing

Hi Ivar,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry you had this experience. Your feedback is something we agree with.
There are aspects of the UI that do not match for user experience and this is something we are very aware of and work to fix when we touch on an area or create new features.
We are also looking at making the step template much easier to update specifically for larger scaled implementations, but it is currently at the UserVoice stage:

Thanks again for the feedback!