Step template updates?

How do we know when a given step template has been updated on github? Once an update is available, do we just copy past and re-import?

Would be cool if Ocotpus could do templates as packages and receive update notifications.


How do we even update a template ?

I want to copy-paste the entire new template, not ponder around in scripts, parameters etc. separately


Thanks for reaching out. I’m sad to say there’s not a super easy way to do so at the moment. Right now if you want to update the template you’re gonna have to deal with the scripts and parameters. We have a uservoice suggestion to allow step templates to be updated from a github repo, that’s been in our plans for a while.

Once you update the step from the library, you’re gonna have to go through each project that uses the step and update it. Also painful, i know. We also have a uservoice suggestion to have an “Update all/some projects” button to simplify this process

We are aware the current process is very painful, and trust me that we’re gonna work on this as soon as we have the time. We are currently 100% focused on shipping 3.0 which is a huge release, and as soon as we tackle down that one and 3.1 we’ll have more time on our hands to improve these scenarios