Step template 'Run script' that loads the latest nuget package and read contents


I’m in the work to create a custom step template that should with some PowerShell be executed on the Octopus server but read the latest package for a project in the built in nuget feed.
I can’t use the ‘Deploy a package’ template because it needs to have tentacles. I do not have any machines and the contents of the nuget package is only some json files that I like to use in AWS Cli calls. Calls that will deploy AWS CloudFormation templates.

I hope above can give a view of what I’m trying to accomplish and I’m happy for any sample or comments on how to do this.

Hi Anders,

Can you put the PowerShell script you need to run in the same package as the JSON files for AWS?

If so, you can set the step to run a script from a package which will download the package on the Octopus Server.

If not, then you would need to install a Tentacle on your Octopus server and run the deployment on that.

I hope that helps.

Thank you and best regards,

Great, thanks! That confirmed my thoughts.