Step Template drop down value populate from Database or External Source

(Abhinay Sutrakar) #1

Hi Team,

We recently encounter if we wants to populate already existing values in a database under Octopus defined Step template parameters.

How we can do that ?Any help /support on this.

Abhinay Sutrakar

(Dalmiro Grañas) #2

Hi @abhinay.sutrakar,

Thanks for reaching out!

Please let me know if I understood this correctly: You have a step template that has a field defined as a dropdown list, which has options A, B, and C. What you want to do is populate those ABC values from a Database/External Source instead of having them “hardcoded” into the template?

If the above is correct, I’m afraid that what you are after is not possible.

If my statement wasn’t accurate, please let me know :slight_smile:


(Abhinay Sutrakar) #4

Hi Dalmiro,

Yes above understanding is correct…

Thanks for the update