Step Template Custom Script Template

Hello all!

I am running Octopus 3.12.7. I have a step template with custom scripts. I have made a update to the scripts and afterwards updated the projects using the template. But it looks like the process is still using the old version of the script, even for a new release created after the process has been updated.

Is there anything else I should do to make process update the script?


Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry you’re hitting this issue. We’ve been able to reproduce it. It happens when the automated update fails, and when you do a manual update, the script body doesn’t get updated. We’ve raised an issue to get this resolved, which you can track here:

The workaround is to perform the update, make another change to the template and apply it to the deployment process. The second update should be applied automatically.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.

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