Step failure with octo.exe: The system cannot find the file specified

Hi, Were using TeamCity to create our deployment. The create deployment is failing to find the octo.exe here: ./packages/octopustools\Octo.exe failed.
The exe is located in *./packages/octopustools/tools/
If I move the files up a level, the deployment succeeds. I cant find why it is looking there.
Full error:
[Step 2/6]</i> System.Exception: Start of process ./packages/octopustools\Octo.exe failed. The system cannot find the file specified at Fake.ProcessHelper.ExecProcessWithLambdas@76-16.Invoke(String message) in C:\code\fake\src\app\FakeLib\ProcessHelper.fs:line 76 at Fake.ProcessHelper.ExecProcessWithLambdas(FSharpFunc2 configProcessStartInfoF, TimeSpan timeOut, Boolean silent, FSharpFunc2 errorF, FSharpFunc2 messageF) in C:\code\fake\src\app\FakeLib\ProcessHelper.fs:line 76 at Fake.OctoTools.Octo(FSharpFunc2 setParams) in C:\code\fake\src\app\FakeLib\OctoTools.fs:line 169 at FSI_0001.Build.clo@70-10.Invoke(Unit _arg10) in C:\BuildAgent\work\f2392662181076ae\build.fsx:line 73 at Fake.TargetHelper.runSingleTarget(TargetTemplate1 target) in C:\code\fake\src\app\FakeLib\TargetHelper.fs:line 481`

Any ideas?

Hi @lmontgomery

Sorry to hear that you are having problems.

Unfortunately we don’t have an official TeamCity plugin using FAKE, so I can’t provide much help. I’ve done a bit of looking around and assume it’s based of this script (or at least this is included in it). It might be worth reaching out to the community for help on this one.

We do have an official teamcity plugin available that we do support, not sure if you are able to use it in your particular circumstances.

Sorry I can’t be of more assistance,


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