Step Detail Parameter not updating to single line text box

Hi Octopus Team

When changing a Step template parameter’s control type from blank/multi-line text box to a single line text box. The text box in Step details does not change to a single line text box after being updated to the current version, it stays as a multi-line text box. The system is not recognising the difference between single line text box and multi-line text box as this bug is throughout our system.


This could cause invalid data to be entered will deploying a system. See the video below for further information.

Step_Template_Single_Line_Text_Box_Bug.swf (1 MB)

Hi Tim,

Thanks for getting in touch.

In your video you have that parameter bound to a variable, we give you a little extra space when that happens to enter your expression. If you hard coded that value you’d find it would go back to being a single line text box.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for clearing that up.