Start-Process when installing never seems to end


I’m trying to automate the installation of ServiceControl (from Particular) using Octopus so we can install it throughout our CD pipeline.

I have octo packed the ServiceControl install and added a Deploy.ps1 file which contains:

Start-Process -FilePath ‘Particular.ServiceControl-1.36.0.exe’ -ArgumentList ‘/LV* ServiceControlInstall.log UNATTENDEDFILE=NSBUnattended.xml’ -Wait -NoNewWindow

When this is installed on a tentacle the installation runs and the log file is produced.

However, Octopus seems to wait forever for the step to complete (yet I can see in the log file it has completed).

I’m running Octopus 3.4.15 with the tentacles running 3.4.15 too.



Can you try running it like this instead?

& "Particular.ServiceControl-1.36.0.exe" /LV* ServiceControlInstall.log UNATTENDEDFILE=NSBUnattended.xml

The parameters might be wrong in my example, but you get the idea of using & instead of start-process :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help. I managed to get it working but I think the issue was that I missed the parameter “/quiet” so it was trying to display the UI.
I ended up with the command:

& “.\Particular.ServiceControl-1.36.0.exe” /quiet /LV* ServiceControlInstall.log UNATTENDEDFILE=NSBUnattended.xml

Glad to hear you sorted it out.