Staggered deploy to all tenants

request for a new feature: the ability to deploy to all tenants (or a group of tenants), but with a specified delay between the start of each deploy.

we have 12 tenants for our enterprise and deploy to our QA and Staging environments nightly. It’s convenient now to have a single Octo.exe command start deployments to all tenants, but having them start simultaneously causes a bit of a traffic jam. We would like to be able to stagger the start of each deploy by, say, 5 or 10 minutes. (of course, once 5 deploys are running, the built-in throttling takes over.)


Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch and thanks for the feedback.

If you think this is a feature that you and others would benefit from, we’d recommend making a uservoice suggestion. This allows our community to vote on features and helps us determine priorities.



anyone else who wants this, give it some votes!