SSRS Deployment (or How to OctoPack an rptproj project)

(Blake) #1

We love OctopusDeploy but are wondering the best way to deploy Reporting Services files.

I have an SSRS deployment process based on these PowerShell scripts (which are indirectly based on Paul’s original implementation):

Now I just need to get the rptproj and rdl files into a nupkg so they will be sent to the target machine. From there I think I can just include the PowerShell call in a PostDeploy.ps1 script.

rptproj projects can’t have Install-Package run against them so I can’t tie OctoPack to it. One solution I am thinking about is to add a post-build step to another project to copy the rptproj and rdl files to its output folder. That’s a pretty big kludge though so I am hoping there is a more elegant solution.

Thanks for your help!

(Paul Stovell) #2


Thanks for aksing. For this you’d need to use NuGet.exe pack to create the NuGet package manually using a NuSpec file.

Hope that helps,


(Edgar Ursua Jr) #3


I am using Nuget.exe pack to create the NuGet package in my TeamCity build step via Command Line. But it’s going in this path C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work… not in C:\TeamCity\system\artifacts… which is supposed to when using Octopack. It does not appear in my project in TeamCity too. Would you know why?

Thanks in advance

(Dalmiro Grañas) #4

Hi Edgar,

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m not sure I’m following you. Are you you using Nuget.exe pack to create your packages, or Octopack?


(Edgar Ursua Jr) #5


I am using Nuget.exe pack. But I already figured out. Just need to tick ‘Publish created packages to build artifacts’. :slight_smile:


(Asan) #6

Hi Edgar,

I am new to Octopus, Can you please describe the steps you have taken to deploy SSRS reports using Octopus.


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