SSL Cert error - thumbprint could no be found


My sys admin has changed the SSL cert on IIS recently and I have updated the variables to the new value (please see the attached file). However, we get an error that the old thumbprint could not be found (that one starts with d51.
Could you please let me know where Octopus Deploy get that old thumbprint and looks at what?



Did you try and rerun a deployment that was created before you updated the variable in Octopus?

Each release stores a copy of steps and variables at the time they are run. If you need to update a setting you need to make a new release.

As pointed out by Mike, you will need to ensure that you have created a new release after you have changed the variables.
In order to ensure consistent and predictable deployments, Octopus Deploy takes a snapshot of the variables during release creation and uses these values through its deployment to the various environments.
If you make a change to the variables that you want to utilize in a new deployment you will need to either create a new release (the recommended way), or, on the release details page, under Variables, click show then Update variables.
Let me know if this information solves your problem.

Thanks for the info. The sys admin restarted the server and I restarted Octopus Deploy and Octopus Tentacles services as well and all errors gone. Thank you again!