SSH deployments buffer command output until the command is done, should stream me instead

We are using SSH deployment targets (octopus 3.0.21 at the moment) as drivers of some ansible config management scripts. The ansible command (ansible-playbook in this case) prints out progress information to stdout as work progresses, however it looks like Calamari does not send the output until the command completes.

This means we don’t get visibility into the progress of long-running ansible playbooks until the whole thing is done, at which point all the output lines are dumped out back to Octopus.

It would make for a more responsive experience to be able to see the output as it’s being generated by the target machine.

Hi Marcin,

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately a limitation of the SSH library we’re using means that we can’t get real-time output back from the commands. We’re going to look in to whether there are any alternative ways to make it work, but for now I don’t believe there’s much we can do about it.