SQL Databases Log File Growth

I have noticed the log file for the Octopus MS SQL Database has grown to 30GB in size. I take image level backups of the database which does not include transaction log truncation.

Is it safe to shrink the log file or should i do some kind of one off backup that will shrink the log?

The Recovery Model of the Database is FULL. SHould this be kept as is, or can i change to Simple.



Thanks for getting in touch. Octopus doesn’t do anything special with the SQL Server Database. This means you can configure the best maintenance plan to suit your disaster recovery requirements.

Admittedly we don’t go into much detail here because every situation may require a different disaster recovery model:

Personally, I would consider taking an approach like this:

  1. Create a full database backup and test that I can actually recover from a failure.
  2. Set up a maintenance plan using a recovery model which suits my needs. The main difference is whether I am happy with say daily/weekly restore points SIMPLE or I want “point-in-time” recovery FULL.
  3. Schedule times to practice the disaster recovery process so it becomes well documented and well rehearsed.

With that kind of plan in place you should be able to choose from any of the recovery options afforded by your version of SQL Server: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms191253.aspx

Hope that helps!