Speed up sync with Active Directory


We would like to occasionally, temporarily, assign Users permission to deploy to Production.

Users are added / removed from AD groups which are used in Octopus Teams.

But, there is a long delay for the permission to be applied to the User (30+ mins)

How can we speed up this / make it instant?


Hi @jay.withers!

Thanks for reaching out - sadly, there’s no automatic way to increase the AD synchronization time, but you can manually re-run the Synchronize external security groups task to update this information.

If you want to do this in an automated fashion, you could script up a looping API call at your desired frequency.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Justin,

Unfortunately, i don’t see any previous Synchronize external security groups tasks.



Hi @jay.withers!

You just need to make sure the Include system tasks checkbox is checked there, as they’re considered system tasks!

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Sorry to of wasted your time Justin.

Obviously i didn’t look at your original screenshot close enough.

Even though i manually ran the Synchronize external security task, permissions are not instantly updated. I’ve waited 10mins so far.

Maybe I have to wait for the AD replication to take place also?

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